#12100604 - Schoppel 2012 Wollzauber No. 4
wollzauberNR4-cover.jpg This issue of WollZauber is dedicated to showcasing the possibilities of the intensely colorful Schoppel yarns including 6 Karat, Gradient, Lace Ball, Lace Ball 100, Pur, XL, XL Kleckse, Zauberball (Magic Ball), Zauberball 100, Zauberwolle, and Zauberball Stärke 6. The properties of these soft, merino wool yarns and the stunning color transitions make them well suited for shawls, scarves, and pullovers. Each ball is utterly unique, and amazing effects can be achieved with only one ball. Either alone or in color-stranded combinations with solid colors, these yarns create magic.

This issue also features the latest creation from Annita Wilschut. Her love of detail is evident in the lovable bear, Vera, and with her help, you can create a whole family of cuddly companions for yourself or to give away.

6 Karat
Zauberball 100
Lace Ball
Lace Ball 100
Zauberball Starke 6
XL Kleckse
Zauberball Crazy
Zauberball Crazy
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