#21100150 - Merino Cotton 90 A - Classic Jacket
merino-cotton-classic-jacke.jpg #21100150 - Classic Jacket - Designed by Pat Brunner in Merino Cotton 90 (Colors #01- White & #15 - Navy).

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Influenced by the classic designs of St. John and Chanel, and based on a design by Pat Brunner, this jacket is reworked in Merino Cotton 90 with an overall lattice pattern created with navy over white and has navy trim on collar, cuffs, hem and button plackets.

Merino Cotton 90 (Worsted Weight) yarn requirements: S (10 Balls White, 7 Balls Navy), M (11 Balls White, 7 Balls Navy), L (12 Balls White, 8 Balls Navy).
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