Starting with the original addi Turbo® and now offered in a variety of styles, skacel by addi™ circular needles have transformed the way we knit.

Ewenicorn Turbo

These brand new needles feature standard tips, a spiraling texture, slick turbo finish, smooth joins, and a pliable SOS cable. They're magical; nothing else like them! Add Ewenicorn Turbo circulars to your needle collection and add more joy to your knitting experience.

*The slit near each tip is an SOS cable, useful for inserting a lifeline so that if you ever need to unravel a bit of your project, all your stitches will be saved and not dropped, saving you time and heartache.

Available in 14 sizes, from a US 0 to US 11, in 24" to 60" lengths

Rocket2 [squared]

Revolutionizing the way in which we knit, these slightly rounded, patented square needles promote positive ergonomics, feature a perfectly tapered point, a special no-slip tip texture, and yield impeccably even stitches every time! It's all about the texture!

Available in 16 sizes, from a US 0 to US 11, in 16" to 60" lengths


Meet the skacel by addi™ Rocket, a line of circular needles that combines the best of skacel by addi™ . Styled after our popular addi Lace tips, these extra-pointy tips feature the same great plating that gives the classic addi Turbo® its incomparable zip.

Available in 19 sizes, from a US 000 to US 13, in 16" to 60" lengths


The circular needle that started it all, and the true choice of professional knitters worldwide! The addi Turbo® needles feature plated brass tips, ultra-pliable blue nylon cords, and snag-free joins, all to help you knit at turbo-speed!

Available in 24 sizes, from a US 000 to US 50, in 8" to 60" lengths

Olive Wood

Created from the wood of non-fruit bearing olive trees, each skacel by addi™ Olive Wood needle is finished with a plant-based oil to protect its unique look. Quiet and comfortable to work with, all tips attain body temperature quickly – making them a great choice for arthritic hands.

Available in 15 sizes, from a US 2 to US 17, in 16" to 60" lengths


  skacel by addi™ Bamboo circulars combine the flexibility of the addi® cable and join with the beauty of smooth bamboo tips. They are the perfect choice for those looking for superior craftsmanship in a bamboo circular.

Available in 15 sizes, from a US 2 to US 17, in 16" to 60" lengths


Sharply tapered all-brass tips perfect for lace, sock and all-around knitting!


One short tip and one long tip to help you comfortably grasp the needle while knitting.

EasyKnit Rocket

10” circular needles featuring one long Rocket tip and one short Turbo® tip for easy grip while knitting.


Choose from three variations of these handcrafted, limited edition skacel by addi™ circular needles.