Merino-Cotton 135 Color 06 Kiwi
90mc06.jpg Here is a seasonless yarn for everyone. With a bounty of brilliant colorways and two gauges from which to choose, it is the perfect addition for anyone's stash! Both weights are comprised of 53% wool and 47% cotton, but the effect is very different in each yarn. Where the 135 is a single twist of 8 strands, the 90 is a triple twist of triple twists, giving it an almost cabled appearance.

• 53% Wool - 47% Cotton
• 149 yards per 50 gram ball
• US 5-7 needles
• 3.75-4.50 mm needles
• 5.25-6 sts per inch

Product contains: 1 bag of 10(50g) balls of yarn.
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