#21100511 - Simplicity - Hillcrest Sweater
hillcrest_medium.jpg #21100511 - Simplicity - Hillcrest Sweater - Pattern designed by Rachel Henry.

Hillcrest was designed by Rachel Henry for the 2nd challenge of The Fiber Factor in which the contestants were told to “Color Inside the Box!”

Hillcrest uses the modern exaggerated box sweater shape as a canvas for complex colorwork. The geometric panels evoke stained glass windows of the Prairie style, like those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The palette is inspired by the common geranium – made beautiful in the abstract.

The body and sleeves are worked side to side, primarily in stockinette. The colorwork panels are worked in garter stitch with slipped stitches to create smooth edges and even proportions. Standard intarsia techniques should be followed throughout. All edges are finished with i-cord, for simplicity and smooth drape.

Sizing and Simplicity Yarn Requirements:
Main Color (MC) #037 Gun Metal Grey 11 hanks / 1287 yds
Outline Color (OC) #002 - Black 2 hanks / 234 yds
Color 1 (C1) #026 - Pale Yellow 2 hanks / 234 yds
Color 2 (C2) #040 - Green Apple 2 hanks / 234 yds
Color 3 (C3) #041 - Karin’s Birthday Suit 1 hank / 117 yds
Color 4 (C4) #017 - Schoolhouse Red 1 hank / 117 yds
Color 5 (C5) #045 - Edgy Eggplant 1 hank / 117 yds

The Fiber Factor is the FIRST online knitting design reality competition put on by skacel collection, inc. the North American distributor of the addi line of knitting needles and yarns from HiKoo, Schoppel, Zitron, Schulana and Austermann.


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