#21100517 - Kenzie - Bravura - Hooded Capelet
Bravura_Purtscher_smaller_medium2.jpg #21100517 - Kenzie - Bravura - Pattern designed by Tracy Purtscher.

Bravura Hooded Capelet is the winner of The Fiber Factor’s Third Challenge, “Blank Slate”. The designer, Tracy Purtscher, has created a truly unique garment that is both cardigan and hooded cape. It is knit almost entirely in one piece and due to the double stranding in the body and cape portions, it would serve well as a short winter coat. This is a challenging pattern, written for two sizes, and intended for an experienced knitter.

Sizing and Kenzie Yarn Requirements:
The smaller size will need 19 – 20 balls of Kenzie (depending on the size of the hood), and the larger size will need 24 – 26 balls (again, depending on the size chosen for the hood).

4.5 mm (approx US 7) 32” circular needle, 6 mm (approx US 10) 40” circular needle, and 4.5 mm (US G) crochet hook

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