#21100524 - Milford - Maschera Hooded Cowl
milford-maschera-04.jpg #21100524 - Milford - Maschera - Pattern designed by Lauren Riker.

Maschera (meaning Mask in Italian) is the dramatic hooded cowl designed by Lauren Riker for Challenge 6 of The Fiber Factor. This allover cabled garment is knit in 4 balls each of 2 colors of Milford, by Schulana. The hooded cowl can be worn in several ways, including as an off-the-shoulder wrap. Bitter New York winters are the inspiration for this stylish accessory. When wrapped around the face, it protects against the elements, as the JUL studded leather and snap closures invite us to wonder who is behind the mask.

The Fiber Factor is the FIRST online knitting design reality competition put on by skacel collection, inc. the North American distributor of the add® line of knitting needles and yarns from HiKoo®, Schoppel, Zitron, Schulana and Austermann.


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