#21100533 - In-Silk, Kenzie & Kid-Seta - M. Polo Tote Bag
m.polo-tote-01.jpg #21100533 - IN-Silk, Kenzie, and Kid-Seta - M. Polo Tote Bag - Pattern designed by John Ravet.

Designer John Ravet’s answer to Challenge 6 of The Fiber Factor’s competition is this large, felted tote bag, knit first with In-Silk, by Schoppel and Kenzie, by HiKoo, it is then decorated with duplicate stitching worked in Kid-Seta Melange and Kid-Seta, by Schulana. The simple, yet stunning color work design complements the sleek leather bag handles by JUL. The combination creates a roomy and elegant bag that is perfect for a weekend away.

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