#21100544 - Kid-Seta Lux - Stardust Beaded Dress
stardust-riker-01.jpg #21100544 - Kid-Seta Lux - Stardust Beaded Dress - Pattern designed by Lauren Riker.

From the final Challenge 7 collection of The Fiber Factor comes one of the winning designs by Lauren Riker. The Stardust Beaded Dress is a simple, ethereal use of beads paired with Kid-Seta Lux by Schulana. The pattern is written for three sizes, and needs only 4 (5, 6) balls and two different needle sizes (US 5 & 7) with an optional needle (US 11) for binding off. This feminine dress is perfect for a summer evening on the town and is sure to make the wearer feel as beautiful as a starry night.

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