#21100545 - Filisilk & Kid-Seta - Luminous Sweater Dress
luminous-riker-01.jpg #21100545 - Filisilk & Kid-Seta - Luminous Sweater Dress - Pattern designed by Lauren Riker.

The Fiber Factor’s Challenge 7 winner, Lauren Riker, created a collection that included this form-flattering cowled dress knit entirely in Filisilk by Zitron [2 (3, 3) hanks] held together with Kid-Seta by Schulana [5 (6, 7) balls]. The combination of these two yarns makes this dress soft against the skin, and all that silk makes it drape beautifully. Using two different sized needles (US 5 & 7) and two optional needles (US 11 & 13) for bind off, this stunning dress is knit in the round up to the armholes. The cowl is attached and knit in the round after the top and cap sleeves are finished and can be worn either over the shoulders or draped in the front, revealing the scoop neck at the back.

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