#21100542 - Leinen Los & Kid-Seta - Carillon Cloche and Bow
Henry_Carillon1.jpg #21100542 - Leinen Los & Kid-Seta - Carillon Cloche and Bow - Pattern designed by Rachel Henry.

This adorable hat was the solution to The Fiber Factor’s Challenge 6 for designer, Rachel Henry. It is knit in Half Linen Stitch with only two balls of Leinen Los by Schoppel-Wolle, and the colorful bow is less than one ball each of 4 colors of Kid-Seta by Schulana. Half Linen Stitch on a US 4 addi® circular needle gives this fabric both the flexibility for a comfortable hat, and the sturdiness necessary for a blustery spring day!. The stained glass look of the shawl pin brings more color to this accessory and is made by JUL.

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