#21100539 - Simplicity - Bejuled Pet Sweater
bejuled-pet-sweater.jpg #21100539 - Simplicity - Bejuled Pet Sweater - Pattern designed by Katie Rempe.

Bejuled was designed by Katie Rempe for the 6th challenge of The Fiber Factor in which the contestants were told to "Accessorize!"

Challenge 5 of the The Fiber Factor® was to design an accessory to showcase the Júl brand hardware pieces that we sent the contestants. We gave the instruction to be creative with the pieces, and Katie Rempe really threw us for a loop! Her interpretation of the Júl purse strap was the perfect dog leash for her faux leather stuffed dog! What resulted was a quirky Dog Sweater with celtic cables and xoxo cabled borders. Now sized for small, medium, and large, you can adjourn all of your furry friends with a fancy sweater and ‘leash’.

Sizing and Simplicity Yarn Requirements:
Small (cat or small dog) 12.5” Neck, 10” Back Length = 2 hanks
Medium (‘Hank’ sized) 22.5” Neck, 12.5” Back Length = 5 hanks
Large (big dogs) 31” Neck, 17.25” Back Length = 7 hanks

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