#21100543 - Leinen Los - East Wash Backpack
EastWashBack_medium2.JPG #21100543 - Leinen Los - East Wash Backpack - Pattern designed by Jennette Cross.

This trendy backpack came out of the 6th design challenge in The Fiber Factor®, and is the brain child of Jennette Cross. It is a compact bag with plenty of room for all those important items that you need to carry. Knit with only three balls of Leinen Los on US 3 needles, it is a cable lover’s dream! And because Leinen Los is 30% Linen, the more use this gets, the better it will feel!

Leinen Los by Schoppel - 70% Virgin Wool, 30% Linen - 328 yards per 100 gram ball (3 balls)

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