#21100546 - Filisilk & Kid-Seta Jubilé - Megumi Cardigan
Megumi Front_medium2.jpg #21100546 - Filisilk & Kid-Seta Jubilé - Megumi Cardigan - Pattern designed by John Ravet.

Designer, John Ravet, kicked it up a notch when he created his Megumi Cardigan for the final challenge in The Fiber Factor®. The unique stitch used in this soft, swingy sweater causes a deliberate bias in the knitted fabric, resulting in an asymmetrical look to the garment. Sized for S, M, and L, this stitch pattern uses two needle sizes (3.75 mm and 4.5 mm) … a different size for wrong sides and right sides. This uses 2 (2, 3) hanks of Filisilk by Zitron and 5 (6, 7) balls of Kid-Seta Jubilé by Schulana, and the combination make this a luxury garment that drapes and swings beautifully.

The Fiber Factor® is the FIRST online knitting design reality competition put on by skacel collection, inc. the North American distributor of the addi® line of knitting needles and yarns from HiKoo®, Schoppel, Zitron, Schulana and Austermann.


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