#21100599 - Fil Royal/Filisilk - Yorokobi Pullover
yorokobi front1_medium2.jpg #21100599 - Fil Royal/Filisilk - Yorokobi Pullover - Pattern designed by John Ravet.

One of the designs that John Ravet created for the final challenge in The Fiber Factor® was the Yorokobi Pullover. This amazing sweater was designed with no shaping whatsoever, except for the combination of Garter Ridges and Stockinette Stitch sections in the pattern. It is a one-size garment that is a generous fit for most size US 6-10 frames, though with modifications to the back pleat, it will fit larger sizes with ease. The color work is achieved by combining only 2 strands at any time of the 5 colors used. A total of 6 hanks of Fil Royal or Filisilk by Zitron are needed, as well as two needle sizes (3.75 mm and 4 mm). This is truly a uniquely constructed garment, and one with an infinite number of color possibilities. Truly each one is one of a kind!

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