Pur Schoppel #1507
pur1507.jpg Here is special yarn created with a patented technology. This single-ply, lightly felted yarn knits up easily and smoothly on large needles. It is made with the finest Merino Wool, thus creating a soft natural garment that can be worn directly on the skin. The eco-friendly dyes leave practically no trace of any chemicals, making this yarn a great natural choice for children and an approved yarn of the Waldorf Schools in Germany. Pur is not chemically treated to be a superwash and therefore should be washed by hand with cool water.

• 100% Merino Wool
• 164 yards per 100 gram hank
• US 10-10.75 needles
• 6 - 7 mm needles
• 3 sts per inch

Product contains: 1 bag of 5(100g) hanks of yarn.
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