#21100333 - Kid-Seta/Mosco C - Entrelac Stole
mosco-entrelacstole01.jpg #21100333 – Kid-Seta / Mosco C: Entrelac Stole (Mosco Color #1; Kid-Seta Colors #11, #31, #33, #40; Kid-Seta Lux Color #201)

Wrap yourself in luxury with this Entrelac Stole.  Designer Anne Claxton has paired one color of Mosco and five colors of Kid-Seta, to create this sumptuous piece.  The entire stole is worked double-stranded, but only the Kid-Seta changes color on every row of entrelac to achieve the gradual shift from dark to light and back again.  The wide range of colors available in both these yarns means that it will be easy to create a one-of-a-kind wrap to express your unique style.

Click here to view all available colors of Kid-Seta.

Kid Seta (Lace weight) Yarn requirements:
460 yds (2 balls) each of 3 colors
230 yds (1 ball) each of 2 colors

Mosco (DK weight) Yarn requirements:
1097 yds (8 balls)

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