Recommended Needle US Size 7 (4.50mm) to 9 (5.50mm)
Cashmere Moda
Pure Cashmere equals pure knitting bliss, and this cashmere is like no other! A two toned look is created by caging a soft strand of pure cashmere into a cashmere caging. A definite and innovative first.
Cashmere Trend
This high-end yarn is 100% Cashmere. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is absolutely butter-soft.
CoBaSi Plus
When we introduced CoBaSi, a wool-free sock yarn that wouldn’t irritate or overheat, it was such a hit that we knew we had to develop a heavier version. Meet CoBaSi Plus, a worsted weight wonder which combines cotton, bamboo, silk and elastic nylon, creating that easy on the hands wooly stretch. Soft and machine washable, CoBaSi Plus is a wonderful substitute for Simpliworsted, and is a go-to yarn for hard-wearing children’s garments, and all-age sweaters, accessories and blankets.
This yarn is extremely shiny and is a tightly twisted caged cotton.
This decorative yarn consists of brilliant 100% wool base colors with tiny nylon “butterflies” that "pop" out of your project! It produces surprising results when felted.
If you love Zauberball, get ready to do backflips for Gradient! It comes in the same charming ball and has the same slow color repeats, but it knits to a much larger gauge. It is a slightly felted wool single that will resist pilling. Use it for accessories, sweaters and whatever else your imagination can conjure.
Wool and silk are combined in this single ply yarn. Muted colors are formed by dying the wool and silk roving together, allowing for the natural differences at which wool and silk absorb dye. Don't let the 'single ply' turn you off. Schoppel Wolle has a patented technique that just slightly felts the yarn, creating a single ply that resists the normal pilling associated with it, as well as enhances stitch definition.
This pure Rayon I-cord ribbon is great for both knitted and crocheted projects. Our purse pattern is free with purchase of yarn.
An incredible new fiber from HiKoo®, Kenzington is an aran weight, woolen chainette which creates a springy, lightweight yarn with generous yardage. Inspired by its cousin, Kenzie, Kenzingon is a blend of 60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils. With amazing stitch definition and subtle tweediness, it will add a beautiful hint of texture to both simple and more complex stitch patterns.
This 100% single-ply wool yarn is certified organic and comes in a fabulous range of colors.
Nimbus Multi
This 100% single-ply wool yarn is certified organic and comes in a fabulous range of multi-colors.
Here is a lovely summertime yarn made of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. This affordable yarn comes in a rainbow of colors and keeps it's shape beautifully.
Reggae Solid
Reggae Solid
Reggae Ombré
Reggae Ombre is a worsted weight, slightly felted single dyed in instantly recognizable vibrant Schoppel colorways.
Sayonara Print
Sayonara is 100% silk ribbon, light, crisp and perfect for polished summer garments. Each shade shifts between a neutral base and a sun-soaked bright, which means that even the simplest knitting will sing.
Seta Moda
Colorfully light and airy, this 100% Silk ribbon is great for embellishments!
Silverstar offers an alpaca and nylon blend with silver sparkly spots giving it a celestial ambiance.
If you love our Simpliworsted but long for more luxury, try Simplinatural. Made exclusively with the most sumptuous natural fibers, the wool, alpaca and silk are expertly blended to highlight the best of each fiber. Beautifully rounded 6-ply strands mean your knitting will have a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Rich, earthy primaries and nuanced neutrals will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe. Please note that Simplinatural must be hand-washed. If you require a machine-washable yarn please try Simpliworsted.
Simpliworsted is a perfect all around worsted weight yarn.  A Superwash Merino Blend in vibrant colors! Feels like butter!
Simpliworsted Metallic
Add sparkle to your project with Simpliworsted Metallic, a soft, machine washable merino blend with a glittering metallic filament.
This super Merino Extra Fine yarn has great loft and fills in nicely for light garments.
Sumerino Print
The Merino Extra Fine in this yarn has great loft and fills in nicely for light garments. The mottled colors create a subtle marbling effect.
Tiara is fit for a beauty queen! This beaded, sequined yarn elevates the simplest stitches with no added effort! A blend of fuzzy mohair, soft wool and lightweight acrylic, each colorway features coordinated sparkle and a one-skein shawl pattern printed right on the ball band.
Simpliworsted Tonal
Some of Simpliworsted’s best attributes are that it is machine washable, oh-so-squishy soft, and available in a wide variety of colors! Now, this versatile line comes in these gorgeous, tonal multi-colors! Landing somewhere between a solid and a variegated yarn, the tonal colorways provide beautiful depth to a finished piece, and would make a stunning blanket, kid’s garment, or accessory.