100% Wool and Wool Blends
This eye-catching fairisle not only has a quality high-twist that resists pilling, but it is a 100% merino superwash that can be used for just about anything! It feels incredible on the skin, and has the perfect amount of bounce - the kind that can make all your stitches uniform and even with little effort. Great for hats, sweaters, gloves, shawls, socks, and more, try it striped with a solid or on its own and you’re sure to fall head over heels!

100% Wool
The perfect super bulky weight yarn for quick-knit projects! It's unique, loose two-stitch i-cord chain construction makes the yarn light and airy, while the pure wool keeps it soft and natural!

100% Wool
A lovely single-ply of 100% Merino Superwash is great for lace-work or a lightweight garment. The super-soft merino will help to hold intricate lace stitches in place and will create an elegant fabric with a US 4-6, though can be knit much smaller. Knit up your favorite airy shawl with this true lace-weight yarn!

100% Superwash Wool
Filigran Multi
100% Merino Superwash Wool
If you love Zauberball, get ready to do backflips for Gradient! It comes in the same charming ball and has the same slow color repeats, but it knits to a much larger gauge. It is a slightly felted wool single that will resist pilling. Use it for accessories, sweaters and whatever else your imagination can conjure.

100% Virgin Merino Wool
Lace Ball 100
The long, exciting color repeats you love in Lace Ball, now with no nylon! Knit heirloom quality shawls in 100% Merino wool.

100% Virgin Superwash Wool
Reggae Solid
100% Merino Wool
This 100% Extrafine Lambswool is lightweight and oh, soooo soft! Different colored strands of wool are twisted to provide depth of color while tweed flecks add pops of color!

• 100% Extrafine Lambswool
Life Style
100% Merino Wool Superwash never looked so good! This is a great all-around Wool, being very soft and highly durable.

100% Merino Wool Superwash
Reggae Ombré
Reggae Ombre is a worsted weight, slightly felted single dyed in instantly recognizable vibrant Schoppel colorways.

100% Merino Wool
Loft Color
Our flagship felting yarn in multicolors!

100% Wool
Pur Schoppel
This is a pure Merino, single-ply, slightly felted yarn.  It is hand-dyed using a very unique process that creates outstanding color schemes with no repeats. It is truly a top-of-the-line, eco-friendly, purely natural yarn.

100% Wool
This super Merino Extra Fine yarn has great loft and fills in nicely for light garments.

100% Wool
Sumerino Print
The Merino Extra Fine in this yarn has great loft and fills in nicely for light garments. The mottled colors create a subtle marbling effect.

100% Wool
This 100% single-ply wool yarn is certified organic and comes in a fabulous range of colors.

100% Wool
100% Merino Extra Fine infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil
Nimbus Multi
This 100% single-ply wool yarn is certified organic and comes in a fabulous range of multi-colors.

100% Wool
Unisono Solid
This wonder yarn not only softens hands with its infused Aloe Vera and Jojoba oils, but the amazing twist evens out stitches, making the work of novice knitters look more like seasoned pros. And for the cherry on top, this superwash yarn is 100% Merino Extra fine, meaning the wool itself is so soft it can be worn directly on your skin.

100% Merino Extrafine Wool
XL Schoppel
Schoppel Wolle's patented pre-felt, single-ply 100% Merino Wool, in a chunky weight for a really quick knit. The bright colors are really to "dye" for!

100% Merino Wool
XL Kleckse Cat Print
XL Kleckse is a riff on the popular Wunderkleckse sock yarn, a yarn that is knit, dyed and then unraveled for intriguing and unpredictable color patterning. XL Kleckse is knit into a much larger piece before being dyed, making it ideal for larger garments. Every ball and every finished piece will be one of a kind, so revel in the chaos!

100% Virgin Superwash Wool [Hand Dyed]
Zauberball 100
The long, exciting color repeats you love in Zauberball, now with no nylon! Knit heirloom quality shawls in 100% Merino wool.

100% Virgin Superwash Wool [Hand Dyed]
This 100% merino yarn has a slowly progressing ombre in colorways only Schoppel could dream up.

100% Merino
Zitron's Zeitlos is a soft, springy merino wool with incredibly generous yardage in every hank. It comes in a well-edited range of jewel-toned solids and matching tonally variegated colorways. The yarn is infused with Rose Oil which conditions your hands as you knit, and contributes to the overall softness of the item.

100% Merino Extrafine Superwash Wool with Rose Oil
Knit a whimsical, on-trend accessory with soft, fluffy Pavone. Neutral tones of heathered wool make the perfect backdrop for tiny pops of neon.

96% Virgin Wool, 4% Nylon
WoolieBullie is a sheepy-looking boucle yarn that is perfect for trimming hats, gloves, scarves, and other accessories.

90% Wool
American B.R.A.N.D.
Meet American B.R.A.N.D., a fingering weight wool, made with pride in the United States from start to finish. The process begins at Skacel with extensive design, development and testing. Wool is sourced from Rambouillet flocks that graze in pastures from Montana to Texas. The yarn is spun in Pennsylvania and dyed in North Carolina. Amazingly, the gorgeous palette comes from using only natural materials, including indigo, cochineal, gall nuts, pomegranate, cutch, walnuts, madder root, weld flowers and rhubarb root. HiKoo® American B.R.A.N.D. is an all-American yarn: Born, Raised And Naturally Dyed.

80% Superwash Rambouillet Wool, 20% Nylon
6 Karat Cat Print
Looking for a break from all the superbulky wools? You've found a gem in 6 Karat, a glimmering hand-painted silk from the color geniuses at Schoppel. Perfect for delicate shawls, lacework and more, this luxurious yarn is a treat.

80% Virgin Superwash Wool [Hand Dyed] – 20% Silk
A sock yarn that begs to have more then just socks knit from it. Wolkenspiel is hand-dyed and the colorways are inspired by the sun's parade of lights in the clouds.

80% Extrafine Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Nylon
Wool and silk are combined in this single ply yarn. Muted colors are formed by dying the wool and silk roving together, allowing for the natural differences at which wool and silk absorb dye. Don't let the 'single ply' turn you off. Schoppel Wolle has a patented technique that just slightly felts the yarn, creating a single ply that resists the normal pilling associated with it, as well as enhances stitch definition.

75% Merino Wool - 25% Silk
Das Paar
If you’ve ever wished for a perfectly matched pair of socks, look no further than Das Paar. Two 50 gram skeins are wound separately from the same starting point so that each sock will match the other.

75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
flying saucer undyed.jpg
Flying Saucer - Undyed
Dye your own Flying Saucer yarn!  Using your own dye, this kit will allow you to create your own shade/s of Flying Saucer yarn!
75% Virgin Superwash Wool - 25% Nylon
Lace Ball
From the same imagination that brought you Zauberball, Lace Ball is an airy pick for any lace knitting project. With vibrant, long-repeat colorways and a soft, floaty feel, this yarn will bring fun to your finest projects.

75% Superwash Wool - 25% Nylon
Single Disk Cat Print
The most fun you'll ever have knitting socks! This skein is already divided for you so your socks can match up with little effort. Watch the color patterns emerge as you knit with Single Disk.

75% Virgin Superwash Wool [Hand Dyed] – 25% Nylon
Trekking 6-Ply - SOCKS
One of the highest quality sock yarns, now in a 6-Ply!

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Trekking 6-Ply Tweed - SOCKS
Tweed sock yarn is definitely popular, and with that in mind, skacel is now introducing Trekking Tweed as a 6-Ply for those cooler weather socks and garments. The colors are the same as Trekking Tweed, so coordinating socks and sweaters is a breeze!

75% Superwash Wool - 25% Nylon
Trekking Hand Art - SOCKS
Here is the first hand-dyed sock yarn from the Trekking family and a must-have!

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Trekking Maxima - SOCKS
Each ply of this yarn is individually dyed and twisted together, then the yarn is dyed again to create brilliant colors with gradual changes into the next color.

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Trekking Sport
75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon
Trekking XXL - SOCKS
One of the highest quality sock yarns available today, Zitron's Trekking XXL is a staple among sock knitters.

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Trekking XXL Ombre
Trekking XXL Ombre
Trekking XXL Tweed - SOCKS
One of the highest quality sock yarns available today, Zitron's Trekking XXL is a staple among sock knitters. Now available in Tweeds!

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
This blend of Merino, Silk, and Linen encompasses some of the best qualities in fiber! Merino for warmth, and silk and linen that wick away moisture and add softness to this luxurious yarn. This hand-dye, with undyed linen, looks great in slightly textured stitches, or lovely in plain stockinette.

75% Merino Wool, 15% Silk, 10% Linen
Holding true to Schoppel's great color scheme, Wunderkleckse is a unique
tie-dyed sock yarn that is sure to please your feet and eyes.

75% Wool
Zauberball - SOCKS
This unique single-ply yarn is a blend of 75% Superwash Wool and 25% Nylon. A lot of these color ways coordinate with our artfelt® multi-colored roving, so now you can knit up some socks to go with that scarf you just felted!

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Zauberball Crazy - SOCKS
Zauberball has been kicked up a notch, as two strands of the main ply have been dyed individually and then twisted together for a crazy combination! The end result is a self-striping multi-colored pattern, with a bold variegated design!

75% Wool - 25% Nylon
Zauberball Starke 6
The same unique color combinations as Zauberball Crazy in a DK weight to give sweaters, shawls, and scarves a truly creative flair.

75% Superwash Wool - 25% Nylon
70% Virgin Wool, 15% Silk, 15% Bamboo
This decorative yarn consists of brilliant 100% wool base colors with tiny nylon “butterflies” that "pop" out of your project! It produces surprising results when felted.

70% Wool - 30% Nylon
A truly luscious single-ply wool and silk blend. This lace weight creation is destined to be on many knitter's wish lists this year! If you loved Zitron's Filigran...you'll love Filisilk!

70% Merino - 30% Silk
Leinen Los
Gorgeous and unique, Leinen Los is a new addition to the Schoppel felted family. Like its close cousins In-Silk and Alpaka Queen, Leinen Los is a slightly felted single ply that yields incredible stitch definition and easy knitting. The linen here is visible, creating a beautiful striated look that will knit into a tweedy marled fabric. Like all linen blends, this strong fiber will get softer with use.

70% Virgin Wool – 30% Linen
This luxuriant wool alpaca blend looks deceptively dense, but finished garments have a cloud-like lightness. Bold, high-twist yarn yields dramatic stitch definition and quick knitting while a bit of polyester and an airy construction keep things lofty. Use for après ski style sweaters or charmingly oversized accessories.

68% Pure New Wool – 29% Alpaca – 3% Polyester
This stunning yarn is nothing like the eyelash yarns you remember from the last novelty craze. Wool rich fringe hangs from a slightly thicker than normal base thread which makes for a robust, furry fabric. Dyed in deep jewel tones and neutrals, each ball has subtly shifting gradations for additional depth. Use for accessories, as trim or for a high-drama garment.

66% Pure New Wool – 34% Nylon
An incredible new fiber from HiKoo®, Kenzington is an aran weight, woolen chainette which creates a springy, lightweight yarn with generous yardage. Inspired by its cousin, Kenzie, Kenzingon is a blend of 60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils. With amazing stitch definition and subtle tweediness, it will add a beautiful hint of texture to both simple and more complex stitch patterns.

60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils
This single ply wool yarn has a generous dose of rayon, a plant fiber that renders garments lightweight and resilient. It also imparts a silk-like gleam and a soft drape. Perfect for garments and elegant accessories, Patina is available in a range of elegant colors.

55% Merino Wool – 45% Rayon
Patina Multi
This single ply wool yarn has a generous dose of rayon, a plant fiber that renders garments lightweight and resilient. It also imparts a silk-like gleam and a soft drape. Perfect for garments and elegant accessories, Patina now comes in variegated colors.

55% Merino Wool, 45% Rayon
55% Merino Superwash - 28% Acrylic - 17% Nylon
55% Merino Superwash - 28% Acrylic - 17% Nylon
Mohair, glitter and tonal gradation combine to form a magical, frothy fiber that begs to be knit into glamorous accessories.

54% Virgin Wool, 43% Mohair, 3% Polyester
Three strands of mulberry silk wrapped merino are plied together to create Zitron Kimono! This unique combination of silk and wool produces gorgeous tone on tone coloration while the blending of fibers provides amazing texture and drape.

54% Merino New Wool, 46% Mulberry Silk
Simpliworsted Metallic
Add sparkle to your project with Simpliworsted Metallic, a soft, machine washable merino blend with a glittering metallic filament.

54% Merino Superwash, 27% Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 2% Metallic
Merino Cotton 135
Here is a seasonless yarn for everyone. With a bounty of brilliant colorways from which to choose, it is the perfect addition for anyone's stash!

53% Merino Wool, 47% Cotton
Simplicity Metallic
Add sparkle to your project with Simplicity Metallic, a soft, machine washable merino blend with a glittering metallic filament.

53% Merino Superwash, 27% Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 3% Metallic
This very light boucle yarn is made with 30% mohair, and only 350 grams will make a small sweater!

52% Wool - 30% Mohair - 18% Nylon
Alpaka Queen
Alpaka Queen replaces Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen. While it is a LOT easier to say, it is essentially the same yarn. It is the same softly felted single-ply that comes in a generous put-up, making it ideal for sweaters and more.

50% Virgin Wool – 50% Alpaca
Kenzie just may be the perfect tweed. New Zealand merino, angora and alpaca lend softness and body, nylon lends strength and silk noils contribute delicate texture and color accents. The smooth, round 3-ply yarn knits into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning.

50% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Angora, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils
Cashmere Queen
45% Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 35% Cashmere
Fancy Socks - SOCKS
This limited edition sock yarn is multi-textured with no knots, and it comes in a rainbow of bright colors! It is 45% wool and 55% nylon and knits up on US 3-5 needles, yielding 5.75-6.5 stitches per inch.

45% Wool - 55% Nylon
Add some color to your knitting life with Helix, an intriguing wool blend with slight shine and a hand-painted effect. Complimentary shades are spun into a thick and thin single ply, held together with a dyed to match binder thread.

40% Wool, 15% Cotton, 45% Acrylic
If you love our Simpliworsted but long for more luxury, try Simplinatural. Made exclusively with the most sumptuous natural fibers, the wool, alpaca and silk are expertly blended to highlight the best of each fiber. Beautifully rounded 6-ply strands mean your knitting will have a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Rich, earthy primaries and nuanced neutrals will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe. Please note that Simplinatural must be hand-washed. If you require a machine-washable yarn please try Simpliworsted.

40% Fine Merino Wool, 40% Baby Alpaca, 20% Mulberry Silk
This yarn is timid and doesn’t know what it wants to be. In one section it is thin and fine. In another section it is plump and thick. On top of this, the colors are constantly changing, creating a hypnotic effect. Either knit as a lace weight yarn for an alternating sheer and solid effect, or as a strander to enhance the coordinating color ways in our Simplicity yarn.

40% Wool - 43% Acrylic - 17% Nylon
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s really rad UV changing yarn! Oh no, you didn’t. OH YES, we did! The hippest thing since platform shoes is this trendy new yarn for knitters and crocheters. You’ll amaze the whole posse when you step into the sun and your sweater comes to life, changing from cream to vibrant pink, purple, or blue! Take it back to the glory days, when ingenuity was at its finest with this fun novelty yarn from the minds of HiKoo®.

35% Superwash Merino, 50% Polypropylene, 15% Nylon
Named for the nimble speed of large gauge knitting, this soft blend of wool, acrylic, and nylon is perfectly suited to trendy chunky accessories. Each skein of Zumie features a free pattern designed by Cirilia Rose printed right on the ball band. Choose a color and make a hat or a cowl with just one skein. Available in classic shades and up-to-the-minute neons and pastels.

30% Wool, 50% Acrylic, 20% Nylon
Meister Stuck
This lightweight bulky mohair/merino blend knits up into a quick luxurious and warm accessory, and works up beautifully into a sweater. Appropriately named ‘Masterpiece’, the colors are vivid and will turn any item into a work of wearable art.

20% Merino Extrafine, 80% Kid-Mohair
A fine thread of cotton is the subtle white or black base for this chainette, which is worked up with rich hues of the finest Alpaca and Merino creating a soft and airy yarn. Lanalpaco will knit beautifully into sweaters and accessories for the cold months of the year, and it is the perfect yarn for an elegant quick-knit gift or a cozy winter pullover.

10% Pure New Wool, 55% Alpaca, 35% Cotton
Tiara is fit for a beauty queen! This beaded, sequined yarn elevates the simplest stitches with no added effort! A blend of fuzzy mohair, soft wool and lightweight acrylic, each colorway features coordinated sparkle and a one-skein shawl pattern printed right on the ball band.

5% Wool, 10% Kid Mohair, 49% Acrylic, 22% Nylon, 10% Bead, 4% Sequin
ALB Lino
This stunning yarn combines white linen, cultivated in France, with richly dyed Lambswool from the Swabian Alps, providing a spectacular visual texture. Virgin wool contributes bounce, wearability, and structure, and the strong, breathable linen fibers will soften with wear, being the perfect yarn for a long-lived sweater or accessory.

85% Lambswool, 15% Linen