Angora Fashion
Angora Fashion is a delightfully soft yarn that comes in both neutral and bright colors.

80% Angora - 20% Nylon
Angora Fashion Color Twist
This delightfully soft yarn now comes in great twisted colors.

80% Angora - 20% Nylon
Angora Fashion Print
Spring-Time colors twisted with dark subtle undertones for stunning depth of color.

80% Angora - 20% Nylon
Kenzie just may be the perfect tweed. New Zealand merino, angora and alpaca lend softness and body, nylon lends strength and silk noils contribute delicate texture and color accents. The smooth, round 3-ply yarn knits into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning.

10% Angora, 50% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils