6 Karat Cat Print
Looking for a break from all the superbulky wools? You've found a gem in 6 Karat, a glimmering hand-painted silk from the color geniuses at Schoppel. Perfect for delicate shawls, lacework and more, this luxurious yarn is a treat.

80% Virgin Superwash Wool [Hand Dyed] – 20% Silk
Cashmere Queen
20% Silk, 35% Cashmere, 45% Merino Wool
Finally, a wool-free sock yarn! Knitters and their lucky recipients have long clamored for a wool-free sock yarn, something that wouldn’t irritate or overheat. Meet CoBaSi, a cotton, bamboo and silk blend with elastic nylon for a gentle on the hands wool-like stretch. It comes in 50 gram hanks and a wide range of colors, making it the perfect candidate for warm-weather color work. Soft and machine washable, this will be a go-to for a variety of hardy garments. The possibilities are endless, so get some CoBaSi and cast on!

55% Cotton - 16% Bamboo - 8% Silk - 21% Elastic Nylon
Rounding out the CoBaSi lines, is CoBaSi DK! The admired blend of cotton, bamboo, silk, and elastic nylon is back for another debut in a versatile DK weight of 5.5-6 stitches per inch. The soft, machine washable blend makes for a vast range of possibilities from summer tops, to wool-free sweaters, blankets, and accessories. It is a great substitute option for Simplicity, and comes in a wide range of colors to please any palette.

8% Silk, 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 21% Elastic Nylon
CoBaSi Multi
Finally, a wool-free sock yarn! Knitters and the lucky people they knit for have long clamored for a wool-free sock yarn, something that wouldn’t irritate or overheat. Meet Cobasi, a cotton, bamboo and silk blend that also has a generous amount of elastic nylon. It comes in 50 gram hanks and now is offered in multi colors, making it a perfect candidate for warm weather color work. Soft and machine washable, this will also be a go-to for hardy baby garments. The possibilities are thrilling, so get some Cobasi and cast on!

8% Silk, 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 21% Elastic Nylon
CoBaSi Plus
When we introduced CoBaSi, a wool-free sock yarn that wouldn’t irritate or overheat, it was such a hit that we knew we had to develop a heavier version. Meet CoBaSi Plus, a worsted weight wonder which combines cotton, bamboo, silk and elastic nylon, creating that easy on the hands wooly stretch. Soft and machine washable, CoBaSi Plus is a wonderful substitute for Simpliworsted, and is a go-to yarn for hard-wearing children’s garments, and all-age sweaters, accessories and blankets.

8% Silk, 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 21% Elastic Nylon
15% Silk, 70% Virgin Wool, 15% Bamboo
Fashion Silk
Here is a luxurious, caged silk yarn in a nice selection of colors. It is soft and oh-so-easy to knit.

85% Silk, 15% Nylon
A truly luscious single-ply wool and silk blend. This lace weight creation is destined to be on many knitter's wish lists this year! If you loved Zitron's Filigran...you'll love Filisilk!

30% Silk - 70% Merino
Glanz Punkt
Translated from German, Glanz Punkt means ‘Brilliant Point’. Described perfectly by its name, this Silk/Tencel blend has a gorgeous slight sheen that gives your stitches beautiful definition while holding its shape. Glanz Punkt looks elegant in plain stockinette or is stunning as a lacy summer scarf.

60% Silk, 40% Tencel
Wool and silk are combined in this single ply yarn. Muted colors are formed by dying the wool and silk roving together, allowing for the natural differences at which wool and silk absorb dye. Don't let the 'single ply' turn you off. Schoppel Wolle has a patented technique that just slightly felts the yarn, creating a single ply that resists the normal pilling associated with it, as well as enhances stitch definition.

25% Silk - 75% Merino Wool
An incredible new fiber from HiKoo®, Kenzington is an aran weight, woolen chainette which creates a springy, lightweight yarn with generous yardage. Inspired by its cousin, Kenzie, Kenzingon is a blend of 60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils. With amazing stitch definition and subtle tweediness, it will add a beautiful hint of texture to both simple and more complex stitch patterns.

5% Silk Noils, 60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca
This soft, luscious yarn is a delight to wear next to the skin! It is light and airy, yet suprisingly warm.

30% Silk - 70% Mohair
Kid-Setair is a favorite yarn writ large! The Kid-Seta blend you know and love is knit into a fluffy cord that knits at a much larger gauge than its finer cousin. Fabric is still ethereal and airy but stitches will have an exaggerated look. Combine with Kid-Seta or knit on its own. Available in moody, forest inspired shades.

70% Kid Mohair – 30% Silk
Kid-Seta Jubile
The glowing ethereal mohair silk blend you know, now in smoldering self-striping shades.

70% Kid Mohair - 30% Silk
Kid-Seta Lux
20% Silk - 71% Kid Mohair - 9% Lurex
Kid-Seta Nebia
An extension to the popular Kid-Seta range, Nebia features a black core thread that lends an aura of mystery to finished garments. Available in moody, forest inspired shades.

70% Kid Mohair – 30% Silk
Kid-Seta Pearl
A gorgeous addition to the legendary Kid-Seta family, Kid-Seta Pearl features Murano Glass pearls in a lovely opaque opal. Available in smoky neutrals and soft brights.

40% Kid Mohair, 23% Murano Glass, 20% Cotton, 17% Silk
Kid-Seta Print
Kid-Seta Print is the same great yarn with a unique striping print.

30% Silk
Three strands of mulberry silk wrapped merino are plied together to create Zitron Kimono! This unique combination of silk and wool produces gorgeous tone on tone coloration while the blending of fibers provides amazing texture and drape.

• 46% Mulberry Silk
This lightweight luxury yarn is a transeasonal wonder. Lusciously soft baby alpaca is enriched with the elegant drape and gleam of mulberry silk and the rustic tactile appeal of linen. Dyed in soft pastels, beachy brights and glowing neutrals, Rylie is ravishing.

25% Mulberry Silk, 50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Linen
Sayonara Print
Sayonara is 100% silk ribbon, light, crisp and perfect for polished summer garments. Each shade shifts between a neutral base and a sun-soaked bright, which means that even the simplest knitting will sing.

100% Silk
Pure Luxury at it’s finest.  This yarn is definitely only for those who want the best in life, and then some! A lightweight I-cord construction allows for great stitch definition while the added lurex gives you a little “bling!”  Whether used for garments or accessories, you’ll be in heaven while knitting, wearing and gifting anything made of this yarn.

89% Silk - 11% Lurex
Seta Moda
Colorfully light and airy, this 100% Silk ribbon is great for embellishments!

100% Silk
If you love our Simpliworsted but long for more luxury, try Simplinatural. Made exclusively with the most sumptuous natural fibers, the wool, alpaca and silk are expertly blended to highlight the best of each fiber. Beautifully rounded 6-ply strands mean your knitting will have a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Rich, earthy primaries and nuanced neutrals will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe. Please note that Simplinatural must be hand-washed. If you require a machine-washable yarn please try Simpliworsted.

20% Mulberry Silk, 40% Baby Alpaca, 40% Fine Merino Wool
Traum Seide
Lace projects often demand intense focus and hundreds of hours of work. The finish product is usually a jaw-dropping feat of technical skill. Traum Seide is a true laceweight, a thin glowing strand of unadulterated Mulberry silk. Dyed in a gleaming gemstone palette, this yarn will elevate your lace.

100% Mulberry Silk
Traum Seide Hand Dyed
100% Mulberry Silk
This blend of Merino, Silk, and Linen encompasses some of the best qualities in fiber! Merino for warmth, and silk and linen that wick away moisture and add softness to this luxurious yarn. This hand-dye, with undyed linen, looks great in slightly textured stitches, or lovely in plain stockinette.

15% Silk, 75% Merino Wool, 10% Linen