addi® Circular Needles

Addi's® line of circular needles is built around the needle that started it all ... the addi Turbo®.  Also offered, in circular form, are addi Natura© (bamboo) and addi Turbo® Lace (pointed "lace" tip) needles!

Please note, all Addi needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes. We list US sizes only as an approximate.
  Addi Turbo® (The Original)
Addi Turbo®, the circular needle that started it all, and the true choice of professional knitters worldwide!
  Addi Turbo® Lace (Pointed 'Lace' Tips)
Addi Turbo® Lace circular needles were created for precise knitting and are ideal for lace, sock and all-around knitting!
  Addi Natura© (Bamboo)
Addi® Natura bamboo circulars combine the flexibility of the addi® cable and join with the beauty of smooth bamboo tips.
  addi Turbo® Rockets
Meet the addi® Rockets, a line of circular needles that combines the best of addi®. Styled after our popular addi Turbo® Lace, these extra-pointy tips feature the same great nickel-plating that gives the classic addi Turbo® its incomparable zip.
Handcrafted limited edition addi needles
  addi Linos
Circular knitting needles designed with beginning knitters and children in mind!