Meet American B.R.A.N.D., a fingering weight wool, made with pride in the United States from start to finish. The process begins at Skacel with extensive design, development and testing. Wool is sourced from Rambouillet flocks that graze in pastures from Montana to Texas. The yarn is spun in Pennsylvania and dyed in North Carolina. Amazingly, the gorgeous palette comes from using only natural materials, including indigo, cochineal, gall nuts, pomegranate, cutch, walnuts, madder root, weld flowers and rhubarb root. HiKoo® American B.R.A.N.D. is an all-American yarn: Born, Raised And Naturally Dyed.

**Due to the nature of the natural dyes used in production of this yarn, some colors are photosensitive. Therefore, we recommend keeping the yarn and subsequent projects out of direct sunlight to avoid possible color change.**

• HiKoo • 80% Superwash Rambouillet Wool, 20% Nylon • 440 yards per 100 gram hank • US 0-3 needles •
• 2-3.25 mm needles • Approx. 6.5-8 sts per inch • Product contains: 1 bag of 5(100g) hanks of yarn. •

American BRAND CP05 - 2 each of 3 colors for a total of 6 hanks
American BRAND CP05 - 2 each of 3 colors for a total of 6 hanks
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