addi® Crochet

Addi® crochet hooks are very popular, for their wide variety of options, including the famous 'Comfort-Grip' color-coded hooks! We also offer steel, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic hooks!

Please note, all Addi® needles and accessories are manufactured to exact metric sizes. We list US sizes only as an approximate.

  addi® Olive Wood Crochet Hook
Based on addi's® popular Color Coded Crochet Hook design, the addi® Olive Wood Crochet Hook is made from the wood of non-fruit bearing olive trees.
  addi® Swing Hook
A favorite among crochet hooks, the ergonomic addi® Swing Hooks have just a hint of flexibility, and fit right into the curve of the hand to allow for a more comfortable practice. These best-selling hooks are available individually in a full range of sizes (below), or in a set of small (US 18-06) or large (US A, C, F, H, J, K & L) in a portable snap-closed, addi® case.
  Addi® Comfort Grip Hook (Color Coded Handle)
The famous Addi® Comfort Grip hook features color-coded handles for ease of use.
  addi® Natura Hook
Addi® Natura crochet hooks are crafted from strong bamboo stock, have a smooth coating, and come in a wide range of sizes.
  addi® Plastic Hook
Plastic crochet hooks by addi® are lightweight, easy to use, and come in the larger range of sizes.
  addi® Steel Hook with Cap/Handle
Our addi® steel crochet hook comes with a handy cap that doubles as a handle.
  addi® Steel Hook
Addi® steel crochet hooks come in small sizes and have fine gold tips for detailed projects!
  addi® Aluminum Hook
Addi® crochet hooks, in lightweight aluminum, come in a nice range of sizes.
  addi® Double-ended Crochet Hook
Double-ended crochet hooks are becoming more and more popular due to their flexibility of use. Manufactured from a durable, lightweight aluminum, they are available in sizes US A (2.0mm) through US J (6.0mm).
  addi® Afghan/Tunisian Hook
Addi® Afghan/Tunisian crochet hooks are for those special projects and are available in 12" length only!
  addi® Crochet Hook Sets
Addi® crochet hook sets, including the addiColours Crochet Hooks Set, and the Large and Fine Addi® Swing Hooks Sets.
  Knooking Needles
Crafted from high grade aluminum and then colorfully anodized, these addi® Knooking needles will allow the user to form a fabric which looks like knitting, but isn’t. A fun tool for small projects!