Elegant yarns and wearable designs can be found throughout Schulana's collection. Their high-end fibers are favorites of both top designers and knitting publications, as well as recreational knitters. Cashmere, Silk, Angora, Alpaca, Mohair and more!

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Angora Fashion
Angora Fashion is a delightfully soft yarn that comes in both neutral and bright colors.
Angora Fashion Color Twist
This delightfully soft yarn now comes in great twisted colors.
Angora Fashion Print
Spring-Time colors twisted with dark subtle undertones for stunning depth of color.
Mohair, glitter and tonal gradation combine to form a magical, frothy fiber that begs to be knit into glamorous accessories.
This intriguing blend is a textural treat at an outsize scale. Super bulky for summer means slubby cotton and linen threads knit into a thick but lightweight tube. Knit this beauty on super large needles for dramatic and nearly instantaneous beach-ready pieces.
This yarn is extremely shiny and is a tightly twisted caged cotton.
Fashion Silk
Here is a luxurious, caged silk yarn in a nice selection of colors.  It is soft and oh-so-easy to knit.
Kid-Paillettes is an airy blend of kid-mohair and silk with flashes of sparkling sequins or paillettes! This yarn is perfect for a lacy project with classy glitz!
This soft, luscious yarn is a delight to wear next to the skin! It is light and airy, yet surprisingly warm.
Kid-Seta Jubile
The glowing ethereal mohair silk blend you know, now in smoldering self-striping shades.
Kid-Seta Lux
Has the same pleasing feel of Kid-Seta with a touch of Lurex for a hint of glitz and glitter.  
Kid-Seta Nebia
An extension to the popular Kid-Seta range, Nebia features a black core thread that lends an aura of mystery to finished garments. Available in moody, forest inspired shades.
Kid-Seta Pearl
A gorgeous addition to the legendary Kid-Seta family, Kid-Seta Pearl features Murano Glass pearls in a lovely opaque opal. Available in smoky neutrals and soft brights.
Kid-Seta Print
Kid-Seta Print is the same great yarn with a unique striping print. 
A fine thread of cotton is the subtle white or black base for this chainette, which is worked up with rich hues of the finest Alpaca and Merino creating a soft and airy yarn. Lanalpaco will knit beautifully into sweaters and accessories for the cold months of the year, and it is the perfect yarn for an elegant quick-knit gift or a cozy winter pullover.
Amazing color, texture, and pattern changes all in one yarn!  Let Macaibo do all the design work while you simply knit along.  An excellent choice for lighter scarves (check out our free download pattern “Not a Celebrity Scarf”)  or openwork tops.  Dressed up or down you can wear Macaibo all over town. 
Macaibo Print
All the gorgeous silky drape of the original Macaibo ribbon, now available in modern, graffiti inspired color ways.
Merino Cotton 135
Here is a seasonless yarn for everyone. With a bounty of brilliant colorways from which to choose, it is the perfect addition for anyone's stash!
This very light boucle yarn is made with 30% mohair, and only 350 grams will make a small sweater!
Sayonara Print
Sayonara is 100% silk ribbon, light, crisp and perfect for polished summer garments. Each shade shifts between a neutral base and a sun-soaked bright, which means that even the simplest knitting will sing.
Seta Moda
Colorfully light and airy, this 100% Silk ribbon is great for embellishments!
Here is a quick-knit, stretchy cotton blend yarn. It has a wonderfully rich pallet ranging from vivid and fun rainbow colors to softer earth tones. This is great for bright, happy wear for children.