Schoeller+Stahl has been manufacturing hand-knitting yarns for over a century!  Quality and affordability are their main goals, and they are well known for their Fortissima/Socka line of sock yarns.

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Baby Micro
With a combination of 51% Superwash Wool and 49% synthetic, this is another soft and durable yarn just perfect for baby designs.   
Novelty yarns are back, but this time they are far more wearable. The soft, cottony feel of Cariba is a perfect warm weather alternative to fuzzy winter yarns like mohair and angora. The finished fabric recalls fine terry cloth, and the summery palette will perk up any basic sweater pattern.
Cotton Mix
This chunky and machine-washable cotton/acrylic blend is an excellent choice for quick knit children's wear.  
Fortissima Colori - SOCKS
This variegated Fortissima sock yarn comes in a wonderful range of colors.
Fortissima Colori Nationalfarben - SOCKS
This sock yarn comes in the colors of the German flag. Created for soccer's 2006 World Cup.
Fortissima Cotton Colori - SOCKS
Here is another fun summertime yarn from the Fortissima family.  Its variegated colors are perfect for socks and lightweight sweaters.
Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch - SOCKS
This sock yarn is a perfect mix of wool and cotton with a bit of nylon and elastic to help it hold its shape for years to come!
Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch "Batik Colors" - SOCKS
Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch "Batik Colors" - SOCKS
Fortissima Mexico Country Colors - SOCKS
Carefully chosen colors inspired by beautiful landscapes were spun into the many different colorways of this delightful sock yarn.
Fortissima Socka mit Bamboo - SOCKS
This Fortissima sock yarn is spun with Bamboo!
Fortissima Socka 50 - SOCKS
A rainbow of colors can be found in this basic sock yarn on a 50 gram ball.
Fortissima Socka 100 - SOCKS
This is a basic sock yarn on a 100 gram ball, and it comes in a wonderful selection of colors!
Fortissima Teddy - SOCKS
Plush and soft describes this cozy-comfort yarn.  This yarn is a blend of 35% Superwash Wool and 65% nylon. 
Fortissima Teddy Color - SOCKS
This multi-colored version of our amazingly plush, soft, and cozy yarn is also a blend of 35% Superwash Wool and 65% nylon.
This yarn is a cotton blend in an I-cord structure.
Mandy Color
Just like our solid colored Mandy, this multi-colored version is also a blend of cotton in an I-cord structure. 
Here is a lovely summertime yarn made of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.  This affordable yarn comes in a rainbow of colors and keeps it's shape beautifully.
Get in on the ruffle yarn trend without going over the top! Micro ruffles with a wooly finish make for a textured scarf that will stay in fashion for seasons to come. Each ball band has a scarf pattern printed inside.