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addi® Needles and Accessories

Nestled in the quaint hillside town of Altena, Germany, addi® needles and crochet hooks are still handcrafted by the same family who began manufacturing needlework tools in 1829. While technology and machinery have advanced greatly over the years, it still requires 25 production steps, and a considerable amount of hands-on fabrication, to create the high-quality, German-engineered needles which have set the world standard for circular knitting.

In a world where manufacturing is moving to regions with lower production costs and environmental requirements, addi® is now the sole full-line European needle producer, proudly crafting their products under strict environmental regulations, while also paying their employees a fair wage. Skacel has been working closely with addi® since 1988, offering ideas and product innovations to meet the needs and desires of knitters in North America.

  addi® Click
The addi® Click interchangeable circular needle system provides various sizes of addi Turbo®, addi Turbo® Lace, addi® Natura, and addi® Hook tips! The Click tips require no tools to change; simply insert the cord deep into the tip, twist and release.
  addi® Circular Needles
Addi's® line of circular needles is built around the needle that started it all ... the addi Turbo®. Also offered, in circular form, are addi® Natura (bamboo), addi® Rockets (lace tip, nickel finish) and addi Turbo® Lace (brass finish with pointed "lace" tip) needles!
  addi® Crochet
Addi® crochet hooks are very popular, for their wide variety of options, including the famous 'Comfort-Grip' color-coded hooks! We also offer steel, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic hooks!
  addi® Double Points
Double pointed needles are a very important tool, especially among sock knitters. addi® double pointed needles come in a variety of sizes in aluminum, bamboo, and plastic, as well as steel.
  addi® Straights
Addi® straight needles are perfect for those seeking a quality tool in a "straight" design.  We offer nickel-plated, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic straights.
  addi® Accessories
Addi ® offers a full line of hand-knitting accessories, including stitch holders, needle gauges, row counters, scissors and more!
  addi® Express
Knit in minutes on the addi Express! Just crank and watch your creations grow before your eyes.
  addi® Quick
Supercharge your felting! With the patented addi Quick felting tool, you can make accessories, ornaments, figures, and even felted shoes in the blink of an eye.
  addi® Warranty
All non-electrical and gear-driven addi products offered by skacel and purchased through one of our Authorized addi® Dealers, feature a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer’s defect.
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  Addi® Rocket Promo
Supporting your local yarn shop with both your presence and purchasing, is vital in securing its status as a shared source of inspiration and community. As a thank you to all LYS supporters, skacel would like to give back a little something special. When you purchase three addi® Rocket circular needles at your LYS, skacel will send you one free addi® Rocket circular in your choice of size/length.