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#21100463 - Building Blocks Pattern Book
Expand your knitterly repertoire with this master class from Michelle Hunter. You'll build your skill set with each block you knit, and by the end, you'll have a gorgeous lap throw. This Simpliworsted sampler will be a fantastic reminder of how far you've come.

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#21100521 - Building In Color Pattern Book
Building in Color is the newest book from renowned knitter and teacher, Michelle Hunter. It is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to color work in many of its various forms. This work follows the same format as Michelle’s earlier book, Building Blocks, and though it is the logical next step in a knitter’s educational arsenal, it can also be used as a stand-alone series of patterns that result in a beautiful finished blanket.
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#21100357 - Cashmere-Moda A - Checks and Stripes Scarf - Knit One Below

Treat yourself or your special someone to the luxury of cashmere in this scarf designed by Elise Duvekot, author of Knit One Below. This technique is used to its reversible best in this eye-catching scarf.

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#21100067 - Cashmere Queen A - Ooh la la Gauntlets

You'll feel like strolling the banks of the Seine in these fashionable cashmere gauntlets, designed by Diana Harker. The elegant, lace mock-cable pattern gives these knuckle-length gauntlets a warm and luxurious look, and the cashmere feels wonderful! Tres chic!

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#21100071 - Cashmere-Trend D - Comfort Cap

The Comfort Cap uses two contrasting colors of Schulana’s Cashmere Trend, a deliciously thick, 100% cashmere yarn. This cap was designed to be snug fitting and comfortable enough to be worn to bed. At the same time, the two toned mosaic stitch pattern gives it plenty of style so it can be worn anywhere!

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#21100363 - Cobasi - Fitted Lace Stockings
Show off your lace knitting skills with these thigh-high fitted lace stockings based on a design by Karola Wright and featuring a Victorian Fern lace pattern.

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#21100504 - Cobasi - Tam, Neckwarmer, & Mittens
This trio of garments is the result of a design challenge given to the Northwest Men’s Knitting Retreat to use Cobasi, by HiKoo®, in their designs. Mark Ellis designed a clever Tam that uses four colors of Cobasi, but never more than one at a time, and the best part is there are next to no ends to weave in! Charles Parker’s Neckwrap is a clever combination of pattern and color, and the pattern can be done in both a shorter version (shown), and a longer scarf length. Donald Sutton designed Bronwyn’s Mittens for his daughter, and in Cobasi, they are a light, comfortable option for the not-too-cold transitions from autumn to winter and from winter to spring.
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#21100533 - In-Silk, Kenzie & Kid-Seta - M. Polo Tote Bag
Designer John Ravet’s answer to Challenge 6 of The Fiber Factor’s competition is this large, felted tote bag.
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#21100543 - Leinen Los - East Wash Backpack
East Wash Backpack was a result of the Sixth Challenge in The Fiber Factor® where contestants were asked to "Accessorize!"
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#21100542 - Leinen Los & Kid-Seta - Carillon Cloche and Bow
This adorable hat was the solution to The Fiber Factor’s Challenge 6 for designer, Rachel Henry.
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Results 1-10 of 25123