Behind every work of art, there is an artist. The works of art in this case, are some of the most well-know yarns being used by knitters around the globe...Zauberball, Zauberball Crazy, Ambiente...the list goes on and on! Schoppel Wolle is dedicated to pushing the envelope of color, texture and style.
Schoppel Color Play with Short Rows
The unique concept of Short Rows offers attractive and contemporary pattern transformations. In this pattern book by Ruth Kindla, you will be able to play with color and shape using short rows to make beautiful garments. All the patterns in this volume are clearly presented with pictures, descriptions, patterns, and charts making it easy to knit these garments successfully.

Yarns used in this pattern book are all made by Schoppel and include; Ambiente, Flying Saucer, Gradient, Reggae, Zauberball®, Zauberball® Crazy, Zauberball® Starke 6, and Zauberwolle.
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#12100604 - Schoppel 2012 Wollzauber No. 4
This issue of WollZauber is dedicated to showcasing the possibilities of the intensely colorful Schoppel yarns including 6 Karat, Gradient, Lace Ball, Lace Ball 100, Pur, XL, XL Kleckse, Zauberball® (Magic Ball), Zauberball® 100, Zauberwolle, and Zauberball® Stärke 6. The properties of these soft, merino wool yarns and the stunning color transitions make them well suited for shawls, scarves, and pullovers. Each ball is utterly unique, and amazing effects can be achieved with only one ball.
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#12100602 - Schoppel 2011 Wollzauber No. 3
Schoppel 2011 Wollzauber No. 3
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#12100605 - Schoppel 2013 Wollzauber No. 5
Schoppel blows us away again with an exciting array of patterns that capture the true beauty of his color ranges, which we have all become infatuated with. This book has a little bit of everything, from bright and playful, to classically elegant and is a true treasure to have for all Schoppel yarn lovers.
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#21100415 - Zauberwolle B - Swing Dress
The full, flirty skirt of this Swing Dress just begs to be twirled and flounced when it is worn. Schoppel's Zauberwolle, truly works "magic" as it is knit in the round from the skirt up, gradually changing colors as the piece progresses.

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#12100668 - Schoppel Knit the Cat #7
Thirty visually stunning designs in Schoppel’s signature color spectrum make Knit the Cat 7 another must-have collectible, featuring both knit and crochet patterns. Even non-knitters/crocheters will love flipping through the vibrantly colored pages filled with beautifully modeled garments and intriguing articles.

This has been one of the most requested books to have translated to English and brought into the North American market. We are excited to finally be releasing this product to you now!

“Enjoy the read!” – Gerhard Schoppel
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