Cat Bordhi became a writer at age twelve when she discovered the power of writing to an audience that is hungry and fully present, which at the time was herself and her closest friends, and the form was shared journals and letters. Like a raccoon washing its food in a creek, Cat learned to wash her experiences in a clear stream of words that hummed with something deeper than the confusion and dreams they described. Her most valued writing tool is Roget's Thesaurus, the full, classic edition (not the one organized like a dictionary, which is a poor cousin), because it allows one to unpeel layers of obscuration from meaning simply by testing different pathways of words.

She also learned to knit a bit like a raccoon, beside a creek, at age eight. Although her first two sweaters were abandoned unfinished, and there were years when she scarcely knit at all and other years where she knit obsessively, she has always loved the mystery of pulling loops through loops to make a shaped fabric, and continues to delight in the endless possibilities that keep appearing. She likes nothing better than to have a knitting experiment go awry because it means very interesting, possibly never-before-seen things are probably hiding nearby.

During her years as a school teacher, Cat taught a form of math which required students to deepen their understanding by explaining their investigations and insights with graphs, pictures, numbers, and words. Once she began to write knitting books, she realized that she was using the very same skills she had taught, and so her books are known for their thorough explanations.

Cat has been a full-time writer since 2002, and also teaches knitting workshops, gives talks at knitting retreats and to knitting guilds, and also teaches writing workshops. At this time she leads a quiet and blessed life tucked away in the woods on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, where she is working on the next book in the Forest Inside trilogy, and is sheepishly collecting what seem to be projects for a Third Treasury of Magical Knitting. The infinite nature of the Moebius just seems to keep offering new possibilities to explore.

You can visit Cat Bordhi, at:   HERE