StevenBe: A Yarn Garage Workshop, is the vision of fiber impresario Steven Berg, known far and wide as The Glitter Knitter. Built on a wealth of experience, a firm belief in the transformative power of creativity, and a wickedly playful sense of style, Steven Be is a studio devoted to fiber arts. The 6,000 square foot former fire station in South Minneapolis will showcase Steven’s personal collection of antiques and objets d’artes from around in the world within a grander yet more personal milieu. Steven envisions his new venture as an elegant, grown up version of Andy Warhol’s Factory – that infamous incubator of all things pop - without the drugs and alcohol. Instead StephenBe will be the place where gorgeous design, innovative programming and personalized service will inspire the next wave in needle arts.

StevenBe is the ultimate expression of The Glitter Knitter’s personal style - a reckless blend of color and texture inspired by art and music and driven by a relentless joie de vivre.. Steven has been combining art and craft since his mother Christa taught him to knit as a boy in Wisconson. By the age of eight, he was creating sequined gowns for Barbie dolls and knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. It was only a matter of time until his love of design led him out of Wisconsin to New York City, where he studied at Parsons and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Since then, his international career has allowed him to lead the glamorous life in Hong Kong, Milan, Paris and Miami. By 2003, success in the fashion capitals of the world had begun to lose its sparkle as the corporate life led him further and further away from the creative process he so loved. When it became clear that something had to change, Steven headed to Rosemount, where sister Monika Oeltjen had settled. Together they opened The Yarn Garage and set about creating a scene, which is, after all, what Steven does best.

Steven and Monika have been collecting accolades and acolytes at The Yarn Garage ever since. More a cross between your grandmother’s attic and your eccentric uncle’s boudoir than your average garage, the tiny storefront is literally packed to the rafters. Steven and Monika have collected a dazzling array of the very best and most unusual yarn and accoutrements the knitting world has to offer. The Yarn Garage also features Steven’s own knitwear designs – ‘chunky funky’ creations which have caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities and stylists. StevenBe is a true showroom for StevenBe Handknits, and its stage will be the place to see seasonal shows of the best fashion-forward knitwear design available.

The Yarn Garage will continue to be the place to go for the kind of expert needle arts advice that just might end up leaving you with a fresh perspective. Steven, Monika and their staff treat their loyal customers like old friends, and are just as welcoming to novice knitters as to Knitting Divas. Come to a Workshop Wednesday to get a sense of what makes the Yarn Garage different from other shops. This rowdy gang of needle-wielding men and women will think nothing of driving a few hours to share help, encouragement, laughter and ooohs and aahhhs over each other’s amazing creations.

StevenBe: A Yarn Garage Workshop wants to be the place that helps YOU make your dreams come true. Be creative. Envision your first original design. Be bold. Incorporate a non-traditional fiber into your design. Be better. Learn a new technique. Be outrageous. Crochet something that has never been crocheted before. Be brave. Show it. Strut it on the stage. Be inspired. Do it all alongside others who are taking their fiber art to the next level. StevenBe will offer exclusive membership services as well as retail hours and public events. Look for happenings such as morning previews of full-length afternoon workshops, with relaxing gourmet brunches, lunches and teas. StevenBe will put the creativity of independent businesses at the heart of its vision by inviting local chefs, artists, designers and musicians to collaborate on cutting edge fiber art events. As Steven is fond of reminding his loyal customers, the possibilities are endless. And there are no mistakes, only variations.

You can visit SteveBe, at:   The Yarn Garage