FlexiFlips, Straights & DPNs

Our FlexiFlips and standard double pointed needles (DPNs) are must-haves for knitting in the round, while our collection of straight needles are perfect for those seeking classic knitting tools.


FlexiFlips Ewenicorn

Add some fun to your knitting with the spiraling texture of our Ewenicorn needle tips and accompanying pliable pink nylon cords.

Available in 11 sizes from a US 0 to US 8, measuring 12” in length

FlexiFlips2 [squared] Long

Designed to promote positive ergonomics, the slightly rounded squared tips and no-slip texture provide perfect stitches every time.

Available in 16 sizes from US 0 to US 11, measuring 11.8” in length

FlexiFlips & FlexiFlips XL

  The original FlexiFlip design, featuring Turbo® and Rocket tips in both 8” and 10.2” length.

Available in 16 combined sizes from US 0 to US 8 (8” length) and from US 6 to US 11 (10.2” length)

FlexiFlips Bamboo & FlexiFlips Bamboo XL

  Featuring slow growth bamboo tips which quickly warm to the touch and provide added grip when working with slippery fibers.

Available in 16 combined sizes from US 0 to US 8 (9.5” length) and US 6 to US 11 (11.8” length)


Bamboo Straights

Naturally warm to the touch, these lightweight, slow-growth bamboo straights are perfect for arthritic hands. Finished with a long-lasting Carnauba wax coating, your stitches stay put until you are ready.

Available in 18 sizes, from a US 0 to US 36, in 10" and 14" lengths

Aluminum Straights

Lightweight aluminum (aka aluminium) straight needles with heart-shaped end-caps. These straights are perfect for beginner knitters!

Available in 10 sizes, from a US 0 to US 9, in an 8" length

Plastic Straights

Ultra light-weight plastic molded straights which are available in large, extra large, and "they can't really be that large, can they?" sizes to support even the bulkiest of yarns.

Available in 8 sizes, from a US 10 to US 36, in a 14" length


Make knitting even more fun with the addiTop Straight Needle! If you prefer straight needles, you can now decorate them with different addiTops to match your mood. These needles come with the addiTop Heart. Additional addiTop styles can be purchased and swapped whenever it suits you!.

Available in 10 sizes, from a US 0 to US 9, in 8" and 14" lengths


Rocket2 [squared] Double Points

  skacel by addi™ Rocket² [squared] Double Points feature slightly rounded squared edges and a uniquely textured tip surface which promotes positive ergonomics, stimulates circulation, reduces tension, and yields perfectly even stitches every time. Contains 5 needles per set.

Available in US 2 - US 11 in 6”, US 3 and US 5 in 8", and US 10.5 - US 11 in 9.5"

Available in US 0 - US 8 in 8" and US 9 - US 10 in 9"


  Fabricated from high-grade aluminum, these colorful ultra-lightweight wonders feature dual tips (each needle features both a addi Turbo® tip and a Lace tip for added flexibility of use).

Available in 15 sizes, from a US 0 to US 11, in 6" to 9" lengths

Steel Double Points

Ultra-durable steel DPNs available in lace sizes for effortless lace and sock knitting.

Bamboo Double Points

These skacel by addi™ bamboo double points are bamboo needles at their finest!

Aluminum Double Points

Aluminum lightweight double pointed needles from skacel by addi™ sold in sets of 5.

Plastic Double Points

Lightweight and extra large plastic molded double point needles sold in sets of 5.