Handmade in France with designs focused on haute couture, pop culture, and Mexican sugar skulls


These colorful coconut buttons come in a wide range of sizes are both durable and detailed


Made from the seed of a tropical palm, look closely and you may see the natural grain of the corozo nut


Handmade in Italy, the fine detail in these buttons pairs well with the rich color of the enamel


Handmade in France, these fabric buttons celebrate needle arts, music, and the holiday season


Handmade in Germany in the Czech glass tradition, these buttons come in a wide variety of sizes and opacity


It's hard to beat the natural look and feel of horn buttons as fasteners on a warm, earth-tone sweater or cardigan


Classy and elegant, our leather buttons in a wide variety of styles add a bit of sophistication to a project


As durable as they come, metal buttons with this level of detail are a tactile experience and a visual treat


Our picture buttons are handmade in the USA and come in a variety of different themes


Our plethora of plastic buttons come in a wide variety of sizes and styles in nearly every color imaginable


These beautiful shell buttons come in several styles, many of which shine with a gorgeous, pearlescent luster


Our vintage collection includes glass, fabric, plastic, and shell buttons that are 25-100 years old.


Our wood buttons in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes provide a natural and classic look to any project.

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•   The last 2 digits of the button number are the MM size of the button.
•   The button prices shown in the Buttonlog are the Suggested Retail Price.
•   Due to the handmade nature of our buttons, dye lots can vary. While we do our best to photograph each button with accurate photo representations, monitors and dye lots may vary.


Please Note:   Button Sets are no longer available as of 7/1/2023